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Here are the most popular reasons to use a concert or music festival consultant:

1 What do I do first? What is the correct professional sequence of events?

2 Help me refine my 2021 or 2022 concert or festival plans.

3 I need general advice NOW!

4 Festival project analysis: financial viability, event format, plan development, timing and venue.

5 Investor, lawyer, accountant or municipal assistance for proposed festival concept, existing event analysis, budgeting, evaluations, problems or expert opinion.

6 Paperwork: One Sheet, Executive Summary 2-5 pages, concert/ festival business plan, investor proposal (6-20 pages depending on the number of concerts or festival size and budget), itemized budget with income projections, custom forms, contract and agreement review and composition.

7 Sponsorship deck formulation.

8 Venue scouting, festival site layout, government negotiations.

9 Marketing research, marketing mix suggestions and plans, media buying, press releases, website layout/ layout advice.

10 Budget analysis, formulation & development for your concert or festival.

11 Ecommerce and merchandising, ticket pricing.

12 Concert or festival management or help on particular components.

13 Organization, staffing, traffic and security.

14 General advice and discussions by phone or email when you need it, added insights, experienced - confidential help.

 7 days a week, one free phone call with Chris, and you’ll quickly learn that decades of promoting experience offers you a major edge. Just click on CONTACT above and Chris will call you back. There’s more to this business than you can imagine. If you read one of Chris’s books, you’ll start to see that festivals are like any other trade you may embark on, it takes many years to become expert. Even established promoters use Chris's incredible knowledge.

First decide what you need and how much you can spend. Just like an engineer or attorney, the more time you need, the more it costs. Long term consulting or large projects are not priced per hour, but according to the size of the project and tasks you require, it is negotiated. The quality of the work is unmatched because Chris is completely dedicated to your work. A professional result is guaranteed.

Concerts are far simpler than even a one-day festival, but they are also riskier. These days in a concert format, the major artist takes most of the net profit and you generally do not have beer or alcoholic beverage sales. But a music festival requires big money and some experience in concerts first. There’s a lot on the line when you produce a music festival. The government is involved and the community is watching your every move.

Drawing from many years of events, Chris can see things you can’t. This is one of the main reasons why a second opinion helps. Performing due diligence, writing compelling investor plans and developing an accurate cost/ revenue sheet increases chances of profitability, improves your confidence level and improves event safety… and the ticket buyer’s enjoyment.

Whether promoting in a club concert series, theatre, arena, racetrack, city fest or music festival on a farm, it’s wise to have a highly experienced music festival promoter/consultant on your side.

Renting a case-hardened promoter brings your event a wide range of services without the cost of employing an entire company, which still won’t have the type of combined experience. Maybe your expertise is elsewhere and you know when you need the assistance.

Most importantly, there is a correct sequence of events when promoting the stages of a concert or festival. Sponsorships also require a proper order of action and plenty of advance time.

It takes years to learn the winning formula. In these times, you need to combine what works with trends and industry knowledge, to ensure a winning event. Learn to maximize revenue streams!

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